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The Triple Threat Approach To Writing 1000 Words In An Hour

For us busy folk time is a currency we just can’t seem to get enough of. With that said how can maximize the limited amount of time that we have when we’re able to sit down and write.


Before I break down my approach to writing (particularly for my ebooks) I want to point out that this article is operating under two primary assumptions. First, that you’ve been able to carve an hour out of your day. If you struggle to do this, we’ll discuss ways to cope with this issue in later articles but for now it is assumed that you’re willing to take an hour out of your day (or at least a similar block of time). Second, you know what you’re going to write about. If you sit down at your computer without any idea you’re going to waste a lot of time. Check out this article on capturing ideas so you have them when you’re prepared to write.

Lastly, this article is for those of you who struggle to get the most out of the writing hour. If this is not a concern for you then stop wasting your time reading this article and go write. If this is an issue for you then follow the steps below and as always be sure to tweak and adjust these steps as needed to make them work for you.


Step 1: Brainstorm – grab a sheet of paper and write everything you can possibly think of when you think of your idea. Don’t worry about organization just get everything out of your brain and onto the page. This exercise should last four to seven minutes.


Step 2: Outline – Review your brain dump sheet and identify four to five topics that connect to form one overall message. For each topic, list one to three key points you want to make within that topic then order accordingly.  This exercise should last eight to eleven minutes.

Step 3: Write – Using your key points as your guide take 40 to 45 minutes to write 200 to 250 words per topic. If this 1000 words is a portion of a book then use all 45 minutes. If it is an article then use 40 minutes for writing the article and the last five minutes to develop a catchy title.

Thats it. This article is intentionally short so you can go test out the three steps.

Before you do I have a challenge. Leave a comment below right before you begin trying the three steps then leave another comment immediately after you complete the three steps to let readers see how it turned out for you.

Happy writing!

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