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Two Affordable Ways To Transcribe Your Words

This one will be quick because I am operating under the assumption that you’re looking for faster, more creative ways to increase your word output. Below are two ways I use transcription for exactly this purpose.

Personally, I believe these are good strategies when you’re struggling for time and/or motivation to sit down and type. Sometimes talking is just a bit easier.


Strategy #1: Hire A Transcriber Via 

So the last couple of weeks have been particularly busy for me and the time required to sit down and type just wasn’t available. During my 40 minute commute to work I decided to record myself with my phone using my Bluetooth function. Do not do this if it is any way unsafe. By the end of the commute I had just under twenty minutes  of audio based content.

I added the file to my Evernote account, saved it to my account and boom, I now had the files available on my computer. I hired a transcriber via for $10 (one $5 gig got me 10 minutes).

I am still waiting on the finished product but I’m expecting to see approximately 1800 words. A few quick internet searches taught me that the average person speaks at approximately 110 words per minute. To be conservative I brought it down to 100 words. 18 minutes times 100 words equals 1800 words.


Strategy #2: Use the Dictation Function on your computer (Mac users only)

This is a game changer for me. For a function that comes installed on a MacBook I thought it might not work so effectively, but it read my words very accurately. To be honest the amount of mistakes it made was probably less than the amount of grammatical errors I typically make when I’m typing.

If you have never used it before follow the instructions below to activate the function (by default, it is not activated).

  1. Open System Preferences
  2. Click on Dictation and Speech
  3. Click “On” (make sure “Use Enhanced Dictation” is checked off)
  4. Open up word processor (Pages and a WordPress post have worked for me) and press the function button twice.
  5. Start talking and watch the words appear.

Now go get writing (or talking)!


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