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5 Pandora Stations to Get Your Word Count Up

The good news is my freelance portfolio development phase is going very smoothly. I’ll have a post published on The Good Men Project some time next week, I have a post currently live at, and I’ve been asked to write two more for If you read my last post titled Getting Started As A Freelance Writer then I’m sure you noticed that I was going to try and develop my portfolio so I can eventually start pitching for paying gigs. My goal is a total of five articles before I begin the pitching process.

The problem is, due to these articles, I don’t have a ton of time to focus on this week’s post. Therefore, I’ll offer a nice, short and simple list of 5 Pandora stations that I believe are great background music to keep your creativity and word count up.


Ratatat Radio – with songs like “Drugs” and “Phantom Pt. II” this Pandora station offers eclectic beats that are one step away from dance music. It offers the kind of music that causes you to sway side to side to the beat but enables you to stay on track.


Parov Stellar Radio – blues/swing meets nightclub pop. A bit fast than Ratatat, if you’re in need of boosting your word count and still keeping things fun this station is perfect.

yo yo ma

Yo-Yo Ma Radio – completely different from the first two on the list, this station offers relaxing classical music which is helpful if you’re feeling overwhelmed. The music offers a slowed down set of strings that helps a writer take a breath and get the outline figured out. I recommend this station if you’re struggling to develop your main take away points.


Schubert A La Mode Radio – this one is either hit or miss. Either you love it or you hate it. It offers a lighter form of dub step.  This station is great if you need a kick in the you know what. “Ghosts N Stuff” by Deadmau5 was the first song that played when I tuned into this station while writing this. If I had to guess, I’d say I’m writing at about 1500 words per hour.


The Vitamin String Quartet Radio – if the Yo-Yo Ma station and the Today’s Hits station had a baby this would be it. The Vitamin String Quartet will cover songs like Lady Gaga’s Just Dance while the station also offers a duet called 2Cellos who cover Michael Jackson’s Smooth Criminal and Rihanna’s We Found Love.

Hopefully these stations help you maximize your efficiency while writing. If not, please keep looking for music. Once you find the music that keeps your fingers typing, you’ll be amazed what and how quickly you can produce.


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