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Step By Step Instructions To Upload To KDP

You are officially ready to being uploading your book to Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP).

This is pivotal point in the process as it represents the conclusion of the book preparation phase and segues into the book promotion and marketing phase. If you’re not a marketing wiz or if you have zero marketing experience do not fret, when I first began I had the marketing skills of an infant.

If you’re open to learning more there are plenty of great books and other resources than can help you take your book promotion and/or marketing skills to the next level. However, lets take a step back and get your book live!

Uploading Your Book To KDP

– Click the rectangle with the plus sign (+) in it over the words “Create new title”.
– I recommend you check the box next to “Enroll this book in KDP Select” because at the time I write this I beleive it is most the most profitable option. However, do your due dilligence, read the instructional content that Amazon provides and decide for yourself.
– Under “Book name” enter your title.
– Under “Subtitle (optional)” enter your subtitle.
– Skip everything else until you arrive at “Publisher”. Enter your full name or your business entity name if you have one. Paste your description that you will make directly into this section.
– Click “Add contributors” and enter the appropriate information. Again, we’ll discuss pen name vs. real name in a little bit so if you’re unsure continue reading then come back to this point.
– Click on the circle next to “This is not a public domain work and I hold the necessary publishing rights.”.
– Click “Add categories” and add your chosen categories.
– Type in your 7 chosen keywords (be sure to separate each of the seven terms with a comma).
– Upload your Book Cover.
– Upload your Book File. I select “Do not enable digital rights management”, however, it may be worth reseraching further to confirm as I am not an expert in this arena.
– Once the book is uploaded you will have the opportunity to review your book as if it were used by a particular device (you’ll have multiple options). If you had it formatted correctly then you should be all set. If not you may want to send any required revisions to whoever formatted your book for you and see if they can make the changes.
– Click “Save and Continue”

See you on the other side you successful author you!

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