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10 Thoughts From An Author Just Before The Launch

It is official. My next book The Kindle Publish Launch Formula is currently under review to be made available for pre-order with a release date soon approaching.

I’ve got all of my ads lined up. I’ve reach out to my supporters to help with honest reviews. The time is near.

The purpose of this post is to offer some insight related to what this means for me mentally. To be honest this post is more for me than it is for you. I figure it will help me better prepare for my next launch if I have an record of my emotional state easily accessible.

Below is a list of observations as I reflect on where I am mentally at this point as I soon approach going live and launching my next book.

1. I’m constantly taking breaths and reviewing my task list to avoid overwhelm. I struggle to sleep now because I wake up thinking about something I need to do. The truth is there is a long list of tasks that you need to complete to be ready to go live and launch a book. It is very easy to try to do too much at once and mistakenly leave a task  out. When I begin to become anxious I fall back on my my tasks lists that are organized by date telling me what to do when. As a result, I strongly recommend that you use a calendar beginning a month prior to the launch date where you write specific tasks within certain dates.

If you think of a task that you may have forgotten, rather than impulsively trying to complete it, refer back to you calendar and see if it needs to be added in.

I use this calendar to stay on top of my tasks but also to control my nerves. When my mind starts going in a thousand directions I can pull up my calendar and rest assured knowing that I’m progressing at just the right pace.

2. This feels more important than ever before because this particular book marks my entry into the self-publishing niche. Personally, this is what makes me most anxious. I really love writing and self-publishing and I genuinely want to be considered an expert in helping other people experience success within this category. If my book flops then I’m back to square one.

It doesn’t mean I’ll give up, it just means I’ll have to figure out another way to earn credibility within this particular niche.

I’m also amused at the fact that I accidentally acquired some authority and credibility within the private labeling on Amazon niche. I experienced so much success selling on Amazon I wrote a book called The Amazon Sales Formula. I had zero intention of writing anything beyond that until I learned that self publishing can earn you additional income while  you gain credibility. If only I was passionate about selling on Amazon.

I’m taking a chance by refocusing my efforts on a different niche because I currently have a pretty decent sized email list of Amazon sellers. The problem is, I don’t love selling on Amazon. The money is nice but it is and was meant to be a source of passive income. If I’m going to be actively working on something I need to be passionate about it.

We’ll see if I made the right choice soon enough.

3. I’m constantly fighting off self-doubt.  For reasons mentioned above in addition to the fact that there are many self published authors who by many definitions are significantly more successful than I am, I can’t help but doubt whether or not I’m worthy to teach people the ins and outs of the self-publishing world.

I distract myself with exercise and other activities before I let my head turn me in the wrong direction.

4. I’m tired. Between restless nights thinking about what I have to do then doing it on top of making sure I’m the best family member and educator I can be, I’m tired.

I do want to point out its the kind of fatigue that  I would equate to the soreness after exercising. It’s a good pain. I’m proud of it.

5. I’m second guessing whether or not it is ready and/or if I should delay the live and launch dates.  I should also point out that my wife and I are having our third baby in a couple of weeks. So I’m literally timing up my launch to conclude just days before this. I’m reluctant to push this off because I assume I’ll be less equipped as my family and I adjust to an additional member.

I don’t want to wait too long after so I rather just get the launch over with so my marketing pace can slow down.

We’ll find out in the next 6 weeks or so if that was the right decision.

6. I’m excited to see the light at the end of the tunnel. As concerned as I am about rushing this process I’m also excited to be entering a new phase of this book’s lifespan. It is nice to publish the book and shift focus on marketing.

I’m certainly not a expert marketer but to be able to take a break from writing and rewriting the same work over and over again is nice.

7. I’m excited to finish my supplemental course. While I’ve been going to the editing stages for this work I’ve also begun development of my supplemental course that aims to offer a different format for information to help people reach their self publishing goals.

This is a nice creative outlet where the bulk of the hard work (writing the book) is already done. Whenever I can repurpose content I’ve already created it helps decrease the pressure that is often felt when trying to create something new.

8. I’m excited to start my next book (and all the ones thereafter) within a niche that I’m passionate about. My next book is tentatively The Idea To First Draft Formula.  The purpose is to help people who struggle with creating a completed piece of work. In the past I always considered myself an “ideas guy”. I didn’t realize that I was giving myself an excuse for not finishing whatever I started.

Since this time in my life I’ve developed strategies to keep myself focused one project at a time. This makes it even more exciting when I’m finally able to move onto the next.

9. I’m encouraged because throughout all this I still love to write. If anything, my passion for writing has grown pretty significantly. Truly, I look forward to my writing sessions the same way I used to look forward to my sporting events when I was in high school. Excited, anxious, and getting mentally focused.

I love this feeling. I love the feeling I get after I write as well. The bulk of my writing occurs in the morning before my work day and I genuinely believe I’m more productive at work as a result. I feel so motivated throughout the day knowing that I already wrote 1000 words down while the majority of people I know were sleeping.

10. I really hope this goes well. I saved the most obvious for last. For reasons mentioned above in #2 and beyond, I really, really, really want this to go well. My goal is to create a business that serves the writing niche. This book is my first source of content (outside this blog) that will or will not help establish my credibility as a self publishing coach and writer.

If you’re willing I’d love your support. Purchase my book The Kindle Publish Launch Formula: Your Personal Escort Through The Entire Self Publishing Process.

Thank you for support!


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