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Five Alternative Approaches You Can Take When You Can’t Seem to Write Your Book

We’ve all been there. Fighting the inner battle as we yearn for the motivation to write yet seem to lack it regardless. Below are five different approaches that could help you get out of your funk.

Approach #1: As previously suggested when trying to create additional writing time, speak into a voice recorder. Record everything you would be writing down and do not filter yourself. You can then hire a transcriber on to put your words to paper. With that document either you can fix it and make it book worthy or, depending on your budget, you can use the same website to hire an editor.

Approach #2: Incorporate a primer before you begin you’re writing session. This primer can take varied forms, but ultimately you’re going to have to identify whether or not your chosen primer is effective. This can be determined by assessing your final word count of the particular session. Personally, I use two different primers depending on how much time I have.

More often than not I’m limited on time so before I begin writing, as a non-fiction author, I identify the section that I’m going to focus on from my outline, then I write down two to three questions I hope to answer. In other words, I write as if I’m responding to a very specific question. This can work wonders when you’re struggling to confront a blank page.

When I have more time I utilize an exercise to give my brain it’s much needed boost. The first thing I’ll do is look at my outline and identify my area of focus. With that in my mind, I go for a run or to the gym for approximately 30 minutes. On the car ride home and while in the shower I’ll make an audio recording and think out loud.

Once I’m all freshened up, I’m feeling good from the endorphins and I’ve got 20 minutes or so of audio that I can listen to throughout my writing session.

Alternative #3: Get a writing partner. To be clear this is different than a co-author. A writing partner can offer feedback and a helpful ear when needing to verbalize your thoughts. Additionally, you two can trade a paragraph and challenge each other to elaborate further.

The key is to ensure that your tone remains consistent throughout the entire book which can occasionally present a problem if you’re writing partner cannot capture your desired tone.

Lastly, the golden rule of working with a writing partner is to reciprocate. Do not ask your partner to do anything that you wouldn’t do yourself.

Alternative #4: Take a topic from your outline and list all the key points you want to include. Once you have that list the next step is to take each key point a little deeper by offering some

quotes or sentences that might be a good fit. Armed with this detailed outline component you hire a ghost writer. In this case I recommend you hire a ghostwriter through

Note: When outsourcing, always be sure to verify quality. A ghostwriter does not replace your task of writing, rather provides you with content to tweak and expand upon. 

Alternative #5: Depending on your budget, though I haven’t used it personally, I recommend you look into Co-founded by the author Tucker Max, this site claims they’ll be able to completely self-publish your book for you with only 13 to 15 hours of phone conversation.

Essentially, you’re assigned a writer who works with you to pull the words out of you and get them onto paper for you. They also offer book cover design as well as marketing services. Be aware though, the price is steep. However, it doesn’t hurt to look for similar companies that use the same model if you’re interested but do not have the funding.

These alternatives may or may not be for you but the key is to be open to a different method if you find yourself losing focus. It may boost you over that hump that consistently holds you back every time you begin writing a book.

Moreover, don’t just be open to different approaches, become obsessed. Become a student with an unquenchable thirst for learning more about writing and the implementation thereof.

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