First and most importantly, I’m a husband of an amazing wife and a father of two incredible daughters.


In addition, I’m an elementary assistant principal as well as an author and entrepreneur on the side. I have multiple ebooks and books available on Amazon, so I’m aware that time is a luxury.

When I wrote my first book titled The Amazon Sales Formula, I wanted to offer the combination of step-by-step instruction and mindset development that I sought out when I first began my entrepreneurial pursuits. I had no intention of writing another book but I enjoyed the process so much (no I’m not being sarcastic) and saw the lucrative income potential, that I decided to focus a great portion of my side work to writing.

It isn’t always easy and if I had more time I would write more, however, I’ve learned that being a writer on the side whether it be a blogger, author, copywriter, ghostwriter, or editor is very realistic with some strategizing, focus, and persistence.

The purpose of this website is to offer resources, advice, and my own personal learning experiences to busy people who are looking to pursue their passion and/or create some additional income.

So if you’re interested, sign up below or visit my blog.

All the best in your endeavors!