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Four Approaches To Design Your Book Cover

There are a variety of approaches and methods to design your book cover, so if you attempt the upcoming four options and you do not meet much success then keep going. Do not quit. There are plenty of options that can come from a simple Google search, so just keep pushing ahead, step by step.

Option If you’re on a budget and/or have a creative eye is the most user friendly design platform to help a novice designer create his or her own book cover. It offers both free images and images for $1.00. It is free to sign up so the only expenses you will have will be based on the amount of premium images, designs, and fonts that you pick, but each cover will not cost you more than $5.00.

Option You’re probably beginning to see that I use and recommend Fiverr quite a bit. That would be an accurate observation because I use it all the time. Quite honestly it is the first site I go to when I’m unsure about a specific task that I need to have done. It is always relatively cheap, quick, and hassle free (I’m not an affiliate). Do a search for “Kindle ebook cover designers” and you’ll see a great deal of options. To avoid multiple purchases, be sure to hire work from a seller who offers free revisions and be sure to specify that it is for Kindle. You want to be sure that the image is the standard dimensions.

Option,,, These options are helpful because they allow for greater customization. Typically the designers that you find in these platforms are a bit more skilled than the average designer that you might find on Fiverr, but this will cost a premium. I personally have one designer that I occasionally turn to and she charges me $35.00 for a book cover. The nice part about paying a little more is that it justifies your right to be a little more picky and detail orientated when you review your first drafts.

Option Essentially if you just want an awesome cover produced by professionals check out A bit pricey at $199, but if you can afford it I highly recommend it. I know a lot of authors who use Archangel Ink for a variety of services they offer and it just seems like these authors always end up selling a ton of books. Sure, the cover isn’t the only factor, but if the successful authors are using them and you have the budget, I recommend it.

Between these four options you should be good to go but I want to caution you that you should avoid beginning this process before you complete your title and subtitle. I remember when I first started self-publishing I got so excited about a book idea that I had that I started to have my cover designed prematurely. Needless to say, I ended up with a cover with an outdated title and subtitle. This isn’t a big deal if you’re using and paying only a few dollars, but any more than that is inefficient business.

With that being said let us take a minute to recap what we have covered so far. At this point we should be comfortable following the steps to creating a book title and maintaining certain criteria when developing the subtitle. Remember there is nothing wrong with looking at other books to help you develop an understanding of the appropriate format just be sure to avoid doing what everybody else is doing. Your goal is to stand out and peak a potential reader’s curiosity. That is going to happen with a creative book cover and a strong title subtitle combination.

Once you feel like you have a solid foundational understanding of the outside of the book along with your completed draft, there are some additional components that can be placed in your book to help grow an audience and increase the income potential. Beyond these items we’re also going to cover some typical book components that most readers scan right over and first time authors might forget, but are still very important to include.

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How Much Does It Cost To Self-Publish Your Own eBook

money-163502_1280As you pursue your writing career (whether it be full time or a side hustle) it is likely that at one point or another you have wondered what it would cost to self-publish a book.

To best answer this question we need to address it in self-publishing phases. Within each phase I will offer a range that you can expect to pay based on what you’re expecting to get back.

In addition, I’m also going to offer what I believe to be the primary phases that require a greater investment compared to some phases that you could possibly skimp on a little bit.

It should also be noted that the assumption is going to be that capital is not as plentiful as you might like. In other words, I’m going to offer a range that I believe appropriate for authors who are new to self-publishing. If this is not the case and you have been able to acquire a solid amount of capital then I recommend you reach out to Archangel Ink. I personally have not used them, however, I know many authors who have and they’re consistently blown away by the work provided and more importantly the results derived from such work. They are on the pricier end though, so again, I recommend this approach if capital is not an issue.

It should also be pointed out that you have some sort of writing software. Whether it be Scrivener or Microsoft Word, I’m assuming you have something already. If not, then I recommend you try Evernote or Google Docs.  Lastly, the prices provided below will be for a book comprised of approximately 20,000 words. If you’re word count is different  then recalculate accordingly (more words equals more expensive except for the book cover and marketing phases).

Either way, I recommend you break your budgeting into the following phases:

  • Phase 1 – Editing
  • Phase 2 – Book Cover
  • Phase 3 – Formatting
  • Phase 4 – Marketing/Promotion

Phase 1 – Editing: When you have completed your first draft you’re now ready to have your book edited. If you have the endurance, particularly if you’re on a tight budget, I recommend that you read your book to yourself out loud. Once that is completed OR if you can’t mentally endure looking at your work for another minute (which I have felt about my own work from time to time) then you need to outsource the editing process. This should be broken down into three sub-phases. First, you’re going to hire an editor for tone and flow of your content. I recommend you create a job on for this.  Plan on spending anywhere from $10.00 to $50.00. I personally think of the three phases

Once this is complete and you’ve reviewed and approve of the new tone and flow you’re going to hire an editor for grammatical review. This should cost approximately $1.00 for every 1000 words if you use Finally, the third phase again should cover grammatical concerns. is appropriate for roughly the same price, however, just be sure to hire a different person.

To sum Phase 1 up, you should expect anywhere from $50 to $100 which yields three pairs of eyes reviewing your work in addition to you.

Phase 2 – Book Cover: This phase is difficult because it is the easiest to cut corners but absolutely crucial when it comes to book sales. The expression “don’t judge a book by it’s cover” exists because most people make that mistake. You need to position your book to take advantage of this mistake. A great cover that draws potential readers in is going to sell. Book covers that look cheap (which occurs too much on Amazon) will be ignored. If you’re really strapped for cash but somewhat artistic then I recommend you look at first. If the thought of designing your own cover scares you then try again. You can get a decent cover for $5.00, however, you’ll have to take your time finding a seller with great reviews. If you have some extra cash I would allocate it towards your cover. Create a job on and be thorough in your reviews. Plan on spending $50 to $100 for your cover.

Phase 3 – Formatting: Nice and simple on this one. Find a seller on with a high amount of positive reviews and you’re looking at approximately $10.00 total. Double that if you also want to format your book for paper back print in addition to an ebook.

Phase 4 – Marketing: This phase does not have a minimum or a maximum. In other words, when you take advantage of the five day promotional period on Amazon which allows you to offer your book for free for that period of time then you can literally post a link to your book on a ton of different sites that allow you to post for free as long as your book is free or lower than $2.99. If you need a little bit of a boost in your sales, then you can take advantage of sites such as Author Marketing Club, which enables a variety of ads for the $40.00 range.

The key with marketing is to take campaigns one at a time and look at what it does to your sales. If you’re spending more money then you’re getting back from sales then I recommend you re-strategize.

So to put it all together, if you’re on a budget you can legitimately self publish an ebook $150.00 and that will enable you to create a quality ebook with a professional looking cover and some small additional funds to invest in marketing.

Whatever you spend, keep track of it so you can improve your process for your next book which I know you’re going to write!