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Getting Started As a Freelance Writer

As a self-published author I can proudly tell you that I generate a nice extra chunk of change from my royalties. The challenge, however, is that once you finish writing your book you need to become a marketing savvy entrepreneur. Though it is extremely rewarding to start seeing the marketing efforts generate passive income, it is also exhausting.

At times I can’t help but wish I could just write an article then forget about it and still earn a couple of dollars.

Enter freelance writing.

Though I have no desire to give up authoring my own books, I am very interested in earning some additional income using my skills as a freelance writer. Below is my plan of attack to make this happen.

As I complete each phase, I’ll write a post that describes any success, pivots, and learning experiences.

Phase 1: Get Educated

I’ll be signing up for at least one of the two courses: Tom Ewer’s Paid To Blog course and Gina Horkey’s 30 Days or Less to Freelance Writing Success.

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After doing quite a bit of research I’ve decided these two look like the they offer the most bang for the buck. My goals are to learn where to find jobs and how to get them. I’ll report back to let you know if either of these courses helped me achieve those goals.

Phase 2: Build A Portfolio

While I’m taking the course(s) I’m going to focus on writing within three categories:

The portfolio will include articles that I write that are published on other sites. These will cover a range of topics.

Phase 3: Start Pitching/Find Clients

No idea how to go about this but hopefully in a few weeks after a few articles I’ll be ready. Stay tuned for an update on this.

Phase 4: Increase My Rate 

Right now I’m thinking long term which means I’m not focused on earning a ton of money right now. As a novice freelancer I know that I’m going to have to prove myself as a reliable, high quality writer. Once I successfully do this I’ll shift my focus on increasing the rate. My goal is $100 per hour.


My logic is as follows:

If I eventually charge $.10 per word for a 1000 word article, with an average word per hour rate of over 1000 words I can realistically earn $100 per hour.

Regardless of the outcome I’ll be sure to share my progress (or lack thereof) to help make the process as easy as possible if you decide to become a freelance writer yourself.

For now…go write!